February 1, 2019 Meeting

Meeting slides:

February 1 Meeting Notes

See attached slides


Reminders- Match survey link for all hospital centric exercises and real events

WISCOM- The February Roll Call will also include the redundant communications drill (WI Trac alert tells you when roll call is scheduled).  The SIMCOM exercise is in May this year and May Roll Call will be part of that exercise.

Jennifer went over the upcoming coalition surge test and the expectations of all hospitals in the coalition.  Exercise is no notice, but occurs between February 25 and March 8.  After Action Review is March 5, please plan to attend.  See separate CST planning notes in January 24 email from Jennifer.

Jennifer will be reaching out to hospitals seeking their level of desired participation in and expectations for SCWIHERC MCI Surge Exercise.

Based on meeting survey, we will continue hospital discipline meeting, with critical access hospital topics on hospital agenda.



HVA survey went out in email from Jennifer February 1.  Please complete by March 1.

Coalition Surge Test briefing for membership.  Partners may reach out in search of resources during exercise according to their plans.  Injects have been written into exercise to engage public health and emergency management from counties that house evacuating facilities. Whole coalition will see alerts and updates via WI Trac and email.

Doug Hill, DHS Crisis Standards of Care project manager, gave an overview of crisis standards of care and let a discussion about it, see slides.  Please reach out to Doug if you would like to be part of the CSC workgroup.  This will be a complex, multi-year project.

We reviewed the meeting survey results, a summary of which can be found here:


Starting with the new grant year (after July 1), we will hold membership meetings quarterly and combine them with exercises/training opportunities/speakers when possible.  We will also hold discipline specific meetings: hospital, public health, CMS partners.  We will facilitate additional workgroups open to all interested parties:

-pandemics, public health emergency preparedness grant deliverables (combined with public health discipline meeting)

-vulnerable populations



-patient tracking (facilitated by Jennifer as state patient tracking co-coordinator)

-crisis standards of care (facilitated by Doug Hill)

We will also reevaluate other workgroups in the future

-mental health- provide offerings to engage mental health providers

-pediatrics (possibly statewide group instead of regional)

-family assistance center

-critical transportation

Recent conferences were reviewed.  Highlights:

Regional Disaster Health Response System:


Alison presented the High Consequence Infectious Disease Toolbox:


and the Travel Clinical Assistant:


Patty talked about the Association of Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Professionals (AHEPP) conference.  She shared some presentations which are uploaded in the SCWIHERC Google Drive.

Finally, we shared lessons learned from the past few months, focusing on flooding recovery and the recent extreme cold weather.


February 1 Meeting Attendance (H) Indicates Hospital Meeting Attendance

Patty Walgenbach, Waupun Memorial (H)

Tina Strandlie, Stoughton Hospital (H)

Dave Larson, Madison VA (H)

Lynda Brereton, St. Mary’s Madison (H)

Heather Poker, St. Mary’s Madison (H)

Austine Duru, St. Mary’s Madison

Karen Munt, UPH Meriter (H)

Karen Sell, Columbus Community Hospital (H)

Marla Noordhof, Beaver Dam Community Hospital (H)

Sharon Foley, Divine Savior Healthcare (H)

Sam LaMuro, Fort Healthcare (H)

Gail Hanlon, Sauk Prairie Healthcare (H)

Kristy Tremelling, Sauk Prairie Healthcare (H)

Doug Hill, DHS CSC Project Manager (H)

Kyle Schaefer, UW Health (H)

Michael Stephens, UW Health (H)

Casey Farnum, UW Health (H)

Steve Haskell, UW Health (H)

Tom Ellison, UW Health

Jennifer Justus, Mercyhealth Walworth (H)

Carrie Meier, Dane County EM

Gail Scott, Jefferson Co PH

Donna Haugom, Jefferson Co EM

Jon Erdmann, Divine Savior Healthcare (H)

Kathy Johnson, Columbia Co EM

Jane Gervais, Adams Co EM

Sue Matye, Iowa Co PH

Cassidy Walsh, Sauk Co PH

Jessi Phalen, Sauk Co PH

Jim Acker, Watertown FD

Dan Michaels, PH Madison Dane Co

Alison Chouinard, Rock Co PH

Carol Quest, Watertown PH

Mary Crowley, Juneau Co PH

Thera Hawkin, Juneau Co PH

Joe Meagher, Dodge Co EM

RoAnn Warden, Green Co EM

Jeff Kindrai, Grant Co PH

Susan Lorenz, Columbia Co PH

Sarah Mattes, PH Madison Dane Co

Aurielle Smith, WI DHS

Brian Allen- Southwest Health (H)

Alice Salli- Mendota Mental Health (H)

Brian Cushman- Upland Hills Health (H)

Josh Kowalke- Reedsburg Area Ambulance Service

Allison Davey- Marquette Co PH

Bill Ritzer, Reedsburg AMC (H)

Bob Swenarski, St. Mary’s Janesville (H)

Brenda Koehler Borchardt- Watertown RMC (H)

Stephanie Alami- Central Wisconsin Center (H)

Brittany Rasmussen- Dodge County PH

Wendi Stitzer- Gundersen Boscobel (H)

Tanna McKeon- Grant County EM

Sean Marquis- Mercyhealth Janesville (H)