June 15, 2022 Membership Meeting

June 15 SCWIHERC Membership Meeting Notes

Recording: https://us06web.zoom.us/rec/share/wYwuz5B6WVGw6soEGLGesQok22HqbqntjDjYXnPow9qNH43d4sWKCVrDmKeEdd9q.uli6SRc1SaAX19OL

Passcode: See email sent June 15

Reminder that DocuSign signatures for annual plan review are due June 30.  Reminder email was sent directly to signer on file for your organization.  Will resend any unsigned plans 7-10 days before deadline.

Upcoming Trainings and Information:

Course Location Date Link if available
MGT-341; Dis. Preparedness Hosp/HC Spooner October (TEEX still determining exact date)
MGT-341; Dis. Preparedness Hosp/HC Fox Valley Tech T.C. July 26-27 https://my.teex.org/TeexPortal/Default.aspx?MO=mCourseCatalog&D=EU&C=MGT341&S=476
CISM – Group Columbia Sheriff Office June 17-18 Contact HERC coordinator
AWR-331; Winter Weather Lincoln County 27-Sep https://ndptc.hawaii.edu/training/delivery/3120/
AWR-232; Mass Fatalities Planning Oneida County Sheriff 29-Jun



SCWIHERC Exercises

-Medical Response Surge Exercise – Replaces Coalition Surge Test.  Planning to start this summer.  Tie into DARES scenario?

-Pediatric Surge TTX – As part of MRSE exercise/scenario?

Annual Plans Review:

After plans are reviewed and updated, Docusign process, same as last year.  Sent to every core organization except EMS (which will be sent June 16), signatures due by June 30.


Scholarship opportunities start July 1!  $2,000 aggregate limit per active member (must provide proof of participation in 2 SCWIHERC events in previous 365 day period), must meet other application requirements.  Valid on conference registration fees, travel (mileage/flight/lodging). Scholarship opportunity excludes PHEP recipients, please use PHEP funds!

Burn Surge Plan Review and Tabletop Exercise: SitMan and slides available in Shared Drive, also review recording.

Hospital Meeting:


Is a mess, please continue to send your registered student information, please be patient and standby!  Student will receive an email when successfully enrolled and course is accessible.

SALT Triage First Receiver Train the Trainer

Resuming this project after COVID delay. Three facets of training/maintaining staff proficiency:

  • SALT Triage First Receiver video, which should be viewed by anyone in your organization who might be put to the task of triage in the event that you have an MCI in your community that would result in self-presenting patients. Link: https://youtu.be/N7OG8a7vXnE
  • Train the Trainer sessions for our Champions to review the concepts and receive training on our SALT ribbon bags, see emailed out April 27.  We will distribute the ribbon bags for your facility to your Champion at these trainings.
  • Your Champions bring their training and ribbon bags back to your facility, where they train your other staff on these SALT triage concepts, and how to use the ribbon bags, and maintain a regular competency program for your new hires and as part of annual training for current staff.

About half of hospitals have received their bags and participated in our SCWIHERC trainings in mid-May.  Direct outreach to hospitals that haven’t is forthcoming.  We really encourage all of our regional hospitals to join this project to ensure they have staff that know how to field triage self-presenting patients and their triage methods are consistent with EMS field triage.

CSC Updates: Doug Hill

Wisconsin Hospital Mutual Aid MOU- There is not a strong statewide desire to renew this document as a state.  Opportunity to develop regional MOUs if desired, (what are next steps/follow up?)

CSC Concept of Operations- Doug Hill is developing as part of grant deliverables, but it leans more along the lines of allocation of scarce resources than crisis standards of care.

CSC Article: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/15265161.2021.1925778 PDF of article available in Best Practices Folder of shared drive.

GE IV Contrast Shortage- Looks like we’re coming out of it. No current concerns.

TJC EM Standards Update Resources:

From Wakefield Brunswick:



AHEPP Webinar June 15 1100 recording will be posted to notes at http://www.scwiherc.org/june-15-2022-membership-meeting/ when available.

Lessons Learned and Best Practices from COVID-19 and other real events:

How are we remaining nimble for future variants/surge/vaccination/testing?

What else are we working on? Mass casualty drills, implementing SALT Triage in ED.

What else are we responding to? Current event in Dane County from June 13 storm, widespread power outages including some persisting into 48+ hours (as of the time of these notes being written).  Compounded by heat advisory.  More widespread severe storms anticipated tonight through whole region and state, be prepared!  Current lessons learned:  cell networks were jammed immediately after power outage, don’t forget basics like Wireless Priority Service, WISCOM radio, GETS cards, FirstNet.  When SCWIHERC Responder has communication issues (Jennifer lost power during event and cell service was spotty for a few hours), that will be posted on EMResource under coalition header at top of page (hover over Jennifer’s name), and as out of office reply on email when possible, with further instruction.

Meeting Attendance:

Jane Lentz-Gervais- Adams County EM

Charlie Johnson- St. Mary’s Madison

Jeff Kindrai- Grant County HD

Brent Skiba- Watertown Regional Medical Center

Mike Tedeschi- NEWHERC

Lisa Herritz- Ho Chunk Nation

Joe Meagher- Dodge County EM

Jennylynde Packham- UW Health Rehab

Dave Kitkowski- St. Clare Baraboo

Katie Budack- Grant Regional Health Center

Matt Christian- Marshfield Medical Center Beaver Dam

Angie Cohen- Grant Regional Health Center

Doug Hill- CSC Coordinator

Tina Strandlie- Stoughton Health

Bill Ritzer- Reedsburg Area Medical Center

Galen Kennedy

Kara Takes- Unified Therapy

Diana Quinn- SSM Health

Lynn Skatrud- Green County HD

Michael Niles- Rock County HD

Nathan Bubenzer- UPH Meriter

Ed Somers Clearview Dodge County

Suzanne Schreiner- Adams County HHS

Rodney Punzel- UW Health

Julie Gorman- Sauk Prairie Healthcare

Jodie Molitor- Sauk County HD

Jen Hankwitz- UW Health

Brian Allen- Southwest Health

Michael Stephens- UW Health

Alice Salli- Mendota Mental Health Institute

Sam LaMuro- Fort HealthCare

Mary Tessendorf- Monroe Hospital

Steve Haskell- UW Health

Jim Abitz- Southwest Health

Carol Brown- Rainbow Hospice

Jennifer Lorenz- Mercyhealth Janesville

Kurt Hoeper- Upland Hills Health

Sarah Jensen- Marquette County HD

Sally Blackbourn- Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County

Lori Mickelson- UW Health Burn Program

Carmen Carpenter

Mike Hall- Monroe Hospital

Dave Larson- Madison VA

Dr. Mike Lohmeier- SCWIHERC

Jennifer Behnke- SCWIHERC