March 22, 2023 Membership Meeting

SCWIHERC 3-22-23 Meeting Notes

Recording: See email from Jennifer on March 24 for link and passcode.


We discussed the end of the Public Health Emergency and how the hospitals are modifying policies in response.  There is quite a bit of variability in policies regarding masking for patients, visitors, clinical and non-clinical staff.  This is an evolving topic and those still requiring masking continue to discuss and prepare for changing those policies soon. 

We discussed the DASH Tool and many had an opportunity to use it since our last meeting.  Consensus is that the tool is straightforward and easy to use. Related webinar:   Many noted that their current inventory management systems also account for certain scenarios and increased burn rates that are also considered by the DASH Tool. 

Next Hospital Forum is April 12 at noon, will resume discussion on TJC New Emergency Management Standards that was started in February.


SCWIHERC is planning several activities before June 30:

ActivityTarget AudienceNotesProposed Date(s)
Radiation Injury Annex Review and TTXEveryoneNext Regional MeetingMay 17- scheduled!
Medical Response and Surge Exercise (MRSE)Hospitals, everyoneVirtual functional, about three hoursJune
CMS Partners Virtual ExerciseSNF, Home Health, Hospice, Amb Surgery Ctrs, ESRD providers, PT/OT, FQHC, RHC, ICFIIDVirtual functional, about three hoursJune
Media Relations WorkshopPartners who deal with the mediaIn-person workshop, 6-8 hoursJune
Active Shooter Incident Management Basic (with TtT)First RespondersStudents: 4 hour slots over two days Trainers: both full daysJune
Tech Systems In-service (EMResource, EMTrack, eICS, WEAVR)Anyone who uses any of these systems and wants to learn more/needs a refresher (new staff!)Virtual over Zoom, come and go for each session (60-90 min) as you wishMay

All activities will be promoted by email when the dates are confirmed and registration is available.

Final HVA is available and posted to SCWIHERC shared drive.  Of note: supply chain, staffing shortage, and workplace violence have all moved up in ranking, and are recent additions to the HVA.

We had a lengthy discussion on Supply Chain.  This is our #7 ranking hazard on our regional HVA.  Vulnerabilities exposed or exacerbated by pandemic continue to exist today.  This topic is emphasized by HPP grant and ASPR TRACIE because it is so impactful to response to all hazards!

Refer to the discussion questions in separate attachment, and this resource: 

Organizations are encouraged to facilitate internal discussion on this topic.

Refer to the recording for full discussion, some very high level themes and takeaways:

-Supply chain for both pharmacy and other materials is incredibly complex.  We appreciate our materials management partners for everything they do to obtain the supplies we need to care for patients.  Maintaining relationships with vendors is critical.

-Pharmacy shortages are not new but possibly more prevalent now.  Constant state of reaching out to health system motherships, retain pharmacies, other potential sources.  Entire pharmacy roles exist just to modify formularies and communicating changes to clinical staff is constant.

-The task of balancing is constant: just in time delivery and lean principles vs paying and storing a glut of supplies that may never be used.  This is a struggle for all orgs.

-Small wholesalers and creative partnerships and resources have been a lifeline in the past: homemade supplies, partnering with others who can produce items we need (face shields, hand sanitizer, 3D printing)

-Suggested systemic measures to improve situation include government incentives for increased production, onshore/domestic production to significantly cut lead and shipping time could relieve allocation pressure. 

What are we concerned about right now?  ED Boarding, lack of post-acute care discharge beds, lack of transportation for patient transfer, delayed care keeping acute care busy, ED is the primary care of last/only resort so they stay full.  Chronic issues!

  • Meeting attendance:
  • Angie Zastrow- Rainbow Hospice
  • Nathan Bubenzer- UPH Meriter
  • Chad Atkinson- Mercyhealth
  • Belle Koch- Sauk Prairie Healthcare
  • Gary Trulson- UW Health
  • Jessica Palzewics- Marshfield Medical Center Beaver Dam
  • Jodi Moyer- Beloit Health System
  • Karmen Bryer- Beloit Health System
  • Bob Swenarski- St. Mary’s Janesville and SCWIHERC
  • Nikki Ripp- Adams County HHS
  • Casey Farnum- UW Health
  • Loni Hefner- Access Community Health Centers
  • Seaton
  • Chris Brownell- Grant Regional Health Center
  • Dave Larson- Madison VA
  • Lynn Skatrud- Green County HD
  • Mary Crowley- Juneau County HD
  • Lori Mertens Pelliteri- Dean Clinics
  • Christal Foreyt- Gundersen Boscobel
  • Jane Lentz-Gervais- Adams Co EM
  • Colleen Wilson- Waupun Memorial
  • Marie Darling Ellis- Columbia County HHS
  • Diana Quinn- SSM Health
  • Bill Sobaskie- Madison VA
  • Mike Hall- Monroe Hospital
  • Leanne Seifert- Watertown Regional Med Ctr
  • Lisa Herritz- Ho-Chunk Nation
  • Carmen Mihlbauer-Luther- Reedsburg Area Med Ctr and SCWIHERC
  • Tina Strandlie- Stoughton Health
  • Daniel Pease- Town of Beloit Fire
  • Carmen Carpenter- Iowa Co HD
  • Eric Anderson- Dane County EM/EMS
  • Charlie Johnson- St. Mary’s Madison
  • Kimberley Spurgeon- Family Health La Clinica
  • Hannah Sedlacek- Adams Co HHS
  • Jeff Kindrai- Grant Co HD
  • Jason Witte- WI DHS EMS
  • Erin Hastert- Lafayette Co HD
  • Kara Takes
  • Jessie Phalen- Sauk Co HD
  • Paige Heinke
  • Patti Miller- City of Beloit EM
  • Gary Ziegler- Green Co EM
  • Matt Bartol- Dodge Co PH/EM
  • Michael Niles- Rock Co HD
  • Samroz Jakvani- Jefferson Co HD
  • Sarah Jensen- Marquette Co HD
  • Matt Christian- Marshfield Medical Center Beaver Dam
  • Sally Blackbourn- Memorial Hospital of Lafayette Co
  • Dan Williams- SCRTAC
  • Mike Lohmeier- SCWIHERC and UW Health
  • Jennifer Behnke-SCWIHERC