May 7, 2024 Membership Meeting

SCWIHERC May 7, 2024 Membership Meeting Notes

Meeting Recording:

Passcode: see email from May 9.


Match Survey: Every year, we ask you to report any exercises sponsored by your facility and any significant real events affecting your facility that resulted in the activation of your EOP to our Match survey.  ASPR requires that Wisconsin HERCs match 10% of our grant funding award every year, and we do this by capturing in-kind efforts in the form of preparedness and response work you do within your own facility, so thank you for your assistance with this! Survey link:

Thanks to Belle Koch from Sauk Prairie Healthcare for sharing an overview and lessons learned from the April 2 bus rollover crash in Roxbury, refer to recording for more details.

We discussed RNC planning, including the Hospital RNC Preparedness Checklist.  The group feels some aspects of this are ambitious and not likely to be completed.  Follow up:  please note which items are unlikely to be achieved on your own so we can discuss whether we can achieve them as a region, or if there are other resources that we can identify to close these gaps prior to RNC.  Please email them to Jennifer and we will discuss further at our June and July Hospital Forums.  One gap noted was planning for a VIP patient.  Jennifer couldn’t find a lot of resources and placed a technical assistance request with ASPR, their response and resources will be shared with the hospital group. Refer to separate email sent May 8.

Kate Barrett, Southeast Wisconsin HERC Coordinator, joined us to give a more detailed RNC planning update.  At the direction of the Secret Service and other RNC event planners, these discussions are not allowed to be recorded, so this portion was deleted from the meeting recording.  You can email Jennifer or Kate ( with questions.

Jennifer and Kate recently learned that there is also a Public Health RNC Preparedness Checklist, and they will share that with public health partners as soon as they have it.  Refer to separate email sent May 8.


SCWIHERC updates and reminders: we haven’t yet received the Notice of Funding Opportunity from ASPR for the new 5 year Cooperative Agreement that begins on July 1, but have been reassured that it is coming. 

Remember that our Power Outage Functional Exercise is May 15 for all jurisdictions in our region except Sauk, Adams, and Marquette Counties.  Sauk has been rescheduled to June 6 due to a local conflict.  This exercise contains numerous injects, discussion questions, and polling questions regarding a widespread community power outage, and prioritizing life safety while maintaining continuity of operations and ensuring health equity.  Each participating jurisdiction will play locally with their local response partners just as in a real-world emergency.

SCWIHERC is currently working on refreshing our website to streamline its content and make it easier to remove outdated content.  Stay tuned and we will reveal soon!

This is the time of year where we review all of our existing plans for updates and then share with our partners.  ASPR requires that we document our core partners (hospitals, public health, EMS, emergency management) are aware that these plans exist, and know where to find them, which we accomplish by sending a letter via DocuSign to our main contacts with each core partner organization.  This letter will be sent via DocuSign in June, and Jennifer will email you to let you know to watch for it.

A case of measles was identified in Wisconsin on April 25.  Public Health Madison and Dane County and Rock County Public Health have both been involved in contract tracing with different locations of potential exposure to the public.  Refer to the recording for updates from these health departments.  See separate email sent May 8.

We then moved into talking about WI DHS Bureau of Environmental and Occupational Health’s chemical emergency resources and response, which was presented by Curtis Hedman. Questions can be sent to, emergency notifications should go to the WEM Duty Officer to be forwarded to WI DHS by calling their 24/7 line.

We reviewed SCWIHERC’s Chemical HazMat Surge Annex plan, and then moved into a TTX on the topic.  Strengths and areas for improvement from this discussion will be captured in an after action report and improvement plan, and shared.

Doug Hill (, WI DHS Crisis Standards of Care Coordinator, also joined us to review the framework/guidance for establishing, activating, and utilizing a medical ethics committee to support crisis standards of care guidance within your organization. 

SCWIHERC’s next regional meeting will likely take place in September, but the Public Health and Hospital Forums will continue to meet over the summer.

Meeting attendance:

Courtney Morency- Dane County Emergency Management

Nathan Bubenzer- Meriter

Dave Kitkowski- St. Clare Baraboo and SCWIHERC

Mike Hall- St. Mary’s Janesville and Monroe Hospital

Mike Stephens- Fort HealthCare and SCWIHERC

Charlie Johnson- St. Mary’s Madison

Christal Foreyt- Gundersen Boscobel

Aurielle Smith- PH Madison and Dane County and SCWIHERC

Carmen Luther- Reedsburg Area Medical Center and SCWIHERC

Jeff Kindrai- Grant Co PH and SCWIHERC

Lyle Kratochwill- Richland Hospital

Belle Koch- Sauk Prairie Healthcare

Ben Thompson- Mercyhealth

Angie Cohen- Grant Regional

Tom Ellison- UW Health and SCWIHERC

Dan Perdue- SSM Health

Dave Larson- Madison VA

Tina Strandlie- Stoughton Health

Steve Haskell- UW Health

Josh Kowalke- Reedsburg Ambulance and SCWIHERC

Jeremy Harlfinger- Mercyhealth

Colleen Wilson- Waupun Memorial

Adam Dahle- Encompass Health Rehab Hospital

Leanne Seifert- Watertown Regional MC

Stacey Woodman-

Sam LaMuro- Fort HealthCare

Cody Kowalke- Reedsburg Area MC

Tammy Kingery- Gundersen Moundview

Jeff Brown- Mercyhealth

Amy Kuptz- St. Mary’s Madison

Kaitlin Severson- Adams Co HHS

Lynn Skatrud- Green County PH

Diana Quinn- SSM Health

Lisa Herritz- Ho-Chunk Nation

Debbie Siegenthaler- Iowa County HD

Marcus Walden- Marshfield Medical Center Beaver Dam

Gary Ziegler- Green County EM

Jodi Moyer- Beloit Health System

Donna Haugom- Jefferson County EM

Victoria Parker- Watertown HD

Sharon Rateike- ECRI

Kelsey Cordova- Rock Co PH

Michael Niles- Rock Co PH

Jeff Ethington- UW Health OPO

RoAnn Warden- Green Co HD

Julie Liebfried- Lafayette Co HD

Ken Van Horn- PH Madison and Dane County

Kara Takes- Unified Therapy

Mary Crowley- Juneau County HD

Mike Lohmeier- UW Health and SCWIHERC

Sarah Jensen- Marquette Co HD

Julie Staffin- Mayville EMS

Kimberley Spurgeon- Family Health La Clinica

Jodie Molitor- Sauk Co HD

Jason Witte- WI DHS EMS Coordinator

Doug Hill- WI DHS CSC Coordinator

Curtis Hedman- WI DHS BEOH

Brian Kaczmarski- WI HERC Coordinator

Kate Barrett- SEWIHERC

Jennifer Behnke- SCWIHERC