Through effective policy development and training practices, The South Central Wisconsin Healthcare Emergency Readiness Coalition (formerly South Central Healthcare Coalition) integrates individual planning capabilities from regional responders to facilitate a coordinated and collaborative response to emergencies in the region. With over 1.1 million residents across nearly 11,000 square miles, Region 5 provides services to the second most populous region in the State.

South Central Wisconsin Healthcare Emergency Readiness Coalition strives to provide the following services to our Coalition Members:

  • Emergency Preparedness Planning Assistance
  • Training and Education Opportunities
  • Support of Coalition Activities through Policy Guidance
  • Serve as an information portal for current resources and capabilities
  • Identify coalition resource needs and provide technical assistance in acquisition
  • Monitor and coordinate information between organizations and facilities

2018 Coalition Priorities

  • Regional Medical Coordination
  • Developing a Regional Response Plan
  • Offering Relevant Trainings to Our Partners
  • Compiling a List of Regional Resources