October 6, 2017 Meeting Notes

Due to meeting in a new location, audio was not picked up by the Adobe Connect, therefore there is no recording.

Meeting Slides

Coalition Surge Test Slides

Hospital Meeting Notes:

WISCOM Roll Call on September 26 revealed many issues with communications.  Jennifer and Bill Tyler asked to hold more frequent WISCOM roll calls until response rates are better, hospital reps agreed.  WISCOM roll call will go alphabetically by hospital name, Jennifer sent out roll call response log by email on October 5.

Jennifer sent out WI Trac response rates for the first quarter of this fiscal year (July 1 through September 30) on October 5.  At the August meeting, hospital reps set a goal of a 90% response rate for MCI alerts, bed poll alerts, and daily bed counts.

Paul Hable has retired from the SCHCC Board, and we held hospital representative elections.  Jon Erdmann, from Divine Savior Healthcare, was elected as the new hospital representative.

Membership Meeting Notes

We reviewed the area medical coordination center borders within region 5.  We decided to change the borders so that each area’s borders fell on existing county borders, see graphic.

The coalition will be holding workshops in late fall/early winter in each of the four areas outside of Dane County.  We will be using these to discuss different scenarios that impact medical surge and emergency response.  We will be discussing incident command/unified command, communications, partner and discipline roles, procuring and sharing resources, distribution of patients, and other local needs.  We will look at scenarios such as a mass casualty incident, natural disaster with utility failure, healthcare emergency evacuation, pandemic, and decontamination.  We are looking to have reps from each hospital, county health department, and county emergency management at these workshops, as well as 1-2 reps from EMS and long-term care.

The coalition is looking to develop workgroups for pediatric emergency preparedness, and mental and behavioral health emergency preparedness, please contact Jennifer if you would like to participate.

Reminders: The Pediatric Disaster Response and Emergency Preparedness Course is December 5 and 6 in Madison. The December 1 regional meeting is canceled, instead we will be bringing workshops to the four areas as mentioned above.

The Southern Wisconsin Association of Local Health Departments and Boards elected Sue Matye of Iowa County as the new public health rep for the SCHCC, Annie Timmerman of Lafayette County stepped down.

We shared a few lessons learned from recent events.  With the numerous disasters and events that have recently occurred, consider how this affects our local supply chain management when products are made in stricken areas, or when a large event elsewhere depletes national supply.  We also discussed active shooter situations and will share lessons learned when we receive them.

Our coalition surge test discussion was facilitated by Michelle Seitz, the healthcare preparedness program manager for WI Dept. of Health Services see slides above.  Some discussion points to note: EMS and transport agencies will be needed for healthcare evacuation, but they still need to maintain service for 911 calls.  Until we have a more universal form of patient tracking, we could use EMS patient triage tags.  We opted to use WI Trac for alerting from the coalition, including for disciplines other than healthcare, such as public health and emergency management.  County public service alerting portals are the most efficient method for alerting EMS and activating the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS).  For region 5 coalition surge test, we will have to evacuate 388 patients to other hospitals.  We decided to evacuate one hospital rather than several smaller hospitals to make the exercise simpler.  On exercise day, we will have to evaluate the open beds in the region and will fill those first, additionally surging other hospitals as needed to place patients.

***Notes*** The coalition surge test is a virtual functional exercise, no real patients will be moved on exercise day.  Per ASPR requirements, we cannot share the exercise date and time, only the two week window in which it will occur. To be counted as a player in the exercise, all hospitals will need to respond to their WI Trac bed poll alert on exercise day, even if they cannot take any patients.  Please direct any coalition surge test questions to Jennifer or Michelle Seitz.

Meeting attendees:

Becky Schambow, Southwest Health

Karen Sell, Columbus Community Hospital

Wendi Stitzer, Gundersen Boscobel

Christal Foreyt, Gundersen Boscobel

Casey Farnum, UW Health

Angie Cohen, Grant Regional

Sharon Foley, Divine Savior,

Michele Thrun, Edgerton Hospital

Kathy Dobson, Edgerton Hospital

Nikki Salas, Watertown RMC

Kevin Kennedy, Mercyhealth

Greg Dempsey, Fort HealthCare

Barb Kuska, Beloit Memorial

Jon Erdmann, Divine Savior

Bob Swenarski, SSM Health St. Mary’s Janesville

Dave Larson, VA Hospital Madison

Ben Eithun, UW Health

Kyle Schaefer, UW Health

Rene Mathura, Stoughton Hospital

Karen Munt, Meriter

Alice Salli, Mendota Mental Health

Bill Ritzer, Reedsburg AMC

Brian Cushman, Upland Hills Health

Kelly Lapp, SSM St. Clare Baraboo

Lisa Massen, Moundview Memorial

Lyle Kratochwill, Richland Hospital

Patty Walgenbach, Waupun Memorial,

Stephanie Alami, Central Wisconsin Center

Alison Chouinard, Rock County PH

Brittany Bleich, Dodge County/Watertown PH

Abigail Sauer, Dodge County PH

Alyson Horkan, Juneau County PH

Evan Corbeil, Region 7 HERC

Kate Louther, Madison Dane County PH

Tanna McKeon, Green County EM

Svea Erlandson, WI DHS

Cassidy Walsh, Sauk County PH

Bill Tyler, R5 WISCOM SME

Asa Rowan, Beloit Area Community Health Center

Aurielle Smith, UW Health

Diana Quinn, St. Mary’s Madison

Sue Matye, Iowa County PH

Jeff Kindrai, Grant County PH

Donna Haugom, Jefferson County EM

Jody Langfeldt, Dodge County PH

Gail Scott, Jefferson County PH

Kathy Johnson, Columbia County EM

Marie Darling Ellis, Columbia County EM

Joe Meagher, Dodge County EM

Doug Voegeli, Madison Dane County PH

Carrie Meier, Dane County EM

John Rago, Baraboo EMS

Billee Bayou, WI DHS

Jane Gervais, Adams County PH

RoAnn Warden, Green County PH

Susan Lorenz, Columbia County PH

Suzanne Schreiner, Adams County PH

Paul Hartl, Beaver Dam FD

Mike Lohmeier, SCHCC