SCWIHERC Closed POD Workshop

Our Closed POD Workshop took place on September 26, thank you for making it a successful event!  The after action report can be found here:

If  you are looking for any of the resources presented at the workshop, or would like to begin planning our organization’s closed POD, please reach out to your local health department:

Adams County                           608-339-4505

Columbia County                     608-742-9227

Dodge County                           920-386-3670

Grant County                             608-723-6416

Green County                            608-328-9390

Iowa County                               608-930-9870

Jefferson County                     920-674-7275

Juneau County                          608-847-9373

Lafayette County                     608-776-4895

Madison/Dane County          608-266-4821

Marquette County                  608-297-3135

Richland County                       608-647-8821

Rock County                               608-757-5440

Sauk County                               608-355-3290

Watertown (City)                     920-262-8090

A Point of Dispensing (POD) is a site for mass medication distribution in the event of a public health emergency (such as an infectious disease outbreak, natural disaster, or act of terrorism). A closed POD is closed to the public and is sponsored by an agency to distribute medication to its employees and their families, and potentially the patients they serve.