Welcome to the South Central Wisconsin Healthcare Emergency Readiness Coalition. Comprised of 14 counties, the SCWIHERC combines the knowledge and resources of all healthcare agencies in the region to provide coordinated preparedness and response capabilities to citizens throughout the region.


Through effective policy development and training practices, The South Central Wisconsin Healthcare Emergency Readiness Coalition (formerly South Central Healthcare Coalition) integrates individual planning capabilities from regional responders to facilitate a coordinated and collaborative response to emergencies in the region. With over 1.1 million residents across nearly 11,000 square miles, Region 5 provides services to the second most populous region in the State. read more


A healthcare emergency readiness coalition (HERC) is comprised of a core group of hospitals and healthcare organizations, local and tribal public health agencies, state, regional, and local and tribal emergency management, and emergency medical services, as well as additional members. These partners collaborate for the common goal of making their communities safer, healthier, and more resilient. Wisconsin has seven regional HERCs that support communities before, during, and after disasters and other health-related crises.