January 25, 2023 Membership Meeting

SCWIHERC 1-25-23 Meeting Notes
Recording: see email from Jennifer on January 26.
Hospital Meeting:
ABLS update: still have seats left, still have hospitals in region that haven’t used their seats. All unused seats that were previously earmarked for a hospital in our region will be given up to the first come, first served pool in the region and state if unclaimed after February 10. Then facilities may request extra seats, and other regions may use them as well. Jennifer will send a separate email on this with a specific breakdown of how many seats remain from initial allocation for each facility.
Burn Plan one page quick reference guide: Identified need for this resource after debriefing from Pulaski bonfire incident, wanted to make a resource available for frontline ED staff to know how to activate the burn plan and where to find more information. Please educate your staff on this resource and post where it will be available to them: (in shared drive)
Med shortages: If a medication shortage has been raised to a level of significance that your EOC/IC within your facility is aware of it, please share with Jennifer to be shared for situational awareness to the region (facility will be de-identified), state, feds. State and feds need significant lead time to act on this info, so earlier is better!
Question on readily available safety references and resources for staff that can be included in newsletters etc? Looking for something that has already been created to minimize recreating the wheel. If you identify any, please share with Jennifer.
Public Health Emergency was extended until April, but how are we getting ready to transition to operations after PHE expires and going back to “new” normal? Please start to discuss with your team and share any checklists or resources you have started in anticipation of this task. Jennifer will also look for resources and discuss with other HERC Coordinators.
Anyone using the DASH Tool? Disaster Available Supplies in Hospitals. https://dashtool.org/ Related webinar: https://files.asprtracie.hhs.gov/documents/aspr-tracie-disaster-available-supplies-in-hospitals-dash-webinar-ppt.pdf Recommend entering your information in these forms to find out what your numbers are to start planning and making the case for carrying this inventory of these supplies. Will revisit with March supply chain meeting to continue discussion.

Will discuss new TJC EM standards at next hospital meeting, please bring your questions and discussion points for the group.

Membership Meeting:
Plug for WEM Governor’s Conference, registration and agenda info: https://wigcot.eventsair.com/2023-wisconsin-governors-conference-on-emergency-management-homeland-security Starts end of February in West Madison/Middleton.
HVA Survey due February 24, see email from Jennifer on January 24 for link.
Exercise update: currently soliciting bids for Medical Response and Surge Exercise (MRSE). Must be completed by June 30, goal of exercise day between May and early June. Exercise info: https://aspr.hhs.gov/HealthCareReadiness/guidance/MRSE/Pages/default.aspx Seeking exercise design team members, please email Jennifer if interested! Also NucRad TTX based on draft surge plan to be held May 17 as part of SCWIHERC meeting. NucRad is topic for this year’s specialty surge.
March 22 meeting will have supply chain integrity theme, please invite your internal and external (vendor) supply chain partners!
Anticipating funding to continue SALT Triage Ribbon and RMCC training project this spring, target audience is EMS providers but we should probably offer at least one more session for hospital audience, only about half participated in May 2022.
SCWIHERC is planning a virtual information sharing systems in-service day in late spring, more hands-on approach for using various systems (EMResource, EMTrack, eICS, others?). More info to come.
Sam Anderson, WI DHS OPEHC Training and Exercise Coordinator Samuel.Anderson@dhs.wisconsin.gov Sam talked about the training needs assessment survey results, statewide results included in email from Jennifer January 25 but regional results will also be compiled later. Looking at optimal and efficient planning with expensive course offerings (CHEC, BDLS, ADLS etc.) in the face of limited funding availability.
Presentations and extensive discussion on using EmPOWER tool, refer to recording. https://empowerprogram.hhs.gov/
Mandi Walsh, Health Preparedness and Response Ops Specialist mandi.walsh@dhs.wisconsin.gov
Ken Van Horn, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, PHMDC KVanHorn@publichealthmdc.com
ONLY Local Health Officer or their designee can request the data! Recommend pulling practice data set out of PCA Portal and practicing sorting and deleting data to find what you need to take action. Ken will share his notes with LHDs when he has a chance.
While using/requesting the response data, we learned that we can speed up the request and implementation by making sure we knew how exactly we could share the files with only applicable people (easy on most systems, not on ours)and, after scrambling to find some people to help sort data on Dec. 23 right before a holiday, are putting together a list of people who can step in and are comfortable with this data set.
Note that coordination of safety checks should triage patients based on the type of device they are relying on and how emergent it is to life safety (cardiac devices, ventilators). Coordinate with your local EOC and EMS to create your own triage criteria. Pros and cons to using law enforcement officers to conduct safety checks: keeps fire/EMS free for response and other 911, but not all communities feel safe answering the door to law enforcement unannounced. Consider in your response planning!
Other current topics: Feds will not mobilize Tamiflu from SNS until all other local/regional resources have been exhausted. More info in email from Jennifer Friday, January 20. What else are we focusing on? Staff burnout and wellbeing. Remember that “Now What?” modules are available on demand from SCWIHERC shared drive under best practices, resiliency. These are in five units and can be used one at a time at small staff meetings etc.
Next meeting: March 22, 1-4PM.
Meeting attendance:
Jane Lentz-Gervais, Adams Co EM
Josh Kowalke, Reedsburg Area Ambulance Service
Mary Crowley, Juneau Co PH
Lynn Skatrud, Green Co PH
Dave Kitkowski, St. Clare Baraboo,
Gary Ziegler, Green Co EM
Victoria Parker, Watertown PH
Ken Van Horn, PH Madison and Dane Co
Tom Ellison, UW Health
Roman Mullen, Dodge Co PH
Nick Metz, Upland Hills Health
Lori Mertens Pelliteri, Dean Clinics
S Eaton, Community Health Systems
Charlie Johnson, St. Mary’s Madison
Lisa Herritz, Ho Chunk Nation
Colleen Wilson, Waupun Memorial
Marie Ellis, Columbia Co PH
Christal Foreyt, Gundersen Boscobel
Ian Fisher, Marshfield Medical Center Beaver Dam
Carmen Luther, Reedsburg Area Medical Center
LuAnn Reuter, Prairie Ridge Health Columbus,
Chad Atkinson, Mercyhealth Janesville
Mike Stephens, UW Health
Jodi Moyer, Beloit Memorial
Emily Kosterman, Waupun Memorial
Sally Blackbourn, Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County
Sarah Jensen, Marquette Co PH
Steve Haskell, UW Health
Colton Ritchie, PH Madison and Dane Co
Dave Larson, Madison VA
Belle Koch, Sauk Prairie Hospital
Katie Budack, Grant Regional
Jennylynde Packham, UW Health Rehab Hospital
Leanne Seifert, Watertown Regional Medical Center
Kimberley Spurgeon
Carol Brown, Rainbow Hospice
Mike Hall, Monroe Hospital
Nathan Bubenzer, Meriter
Tammy Kingery, Gundersen Moundview
Joe Meagher, Dodge Co EM
Jim Abitz, Southwest Health
Mary B, Jefferson Co HD
Bob Swenarski, St. Mary’s Janesville
Keith Hurlbert, Iowa Co EM
Diana Quinn, SSM Health
Angie Cohen, Grant Regional
Dan Williams, SCRTAC
Aurielle Smith, PH Madison and Dane Co
Jeff Kindrai, Grant Co PH
Carrie Meier, Dane County EM
Samroz Jakvani, Jefferson Co PH
Matt Bartol, Dodge County PH/EM
Madison Dillinger
Jodie Moliter, Sauk Co PH
Annie Fridh, Community Health Systems
Carly Tibbits, Iowa Co PH
Patti Miller
Cara MacKenzie
Karen Greenwald, Dodge Co PH
Alesha Erdenberger
RoAnn Warden, Green Co PH
Mary Tessendorf, Monroe Hospital
Julie Staffin, Mayville EMS
Sam Anderson, WI DHS OPEHC
Mandi Walsh, WI DHS OPEHC
Jennifer Behnke, SCWIHERC