SCWIHERC Power Outage Exercise May 15, 2024

SCWIHERC will be conducting a Functional Exercise on the scenario of a widespread community power outage caused by severe warm weather on May 15, 2024 from 9AM-Noon.  The location where this event will be hosted varies based on the county with which the participant wants to play.  Once registered, each participant will receive information about their exercise location closer to May 15.

The target participants for this exercise include public health, hospitals, clinics, long-term care, home health agencies, dialysis providers, emergency management, EMS, fire, law enforcement, power companies, and others that have a role in responding to power outage emergencies at the local level.  Please help us spread the word about this exercise to these sectors!

Registration for this exercise is available here: 2024 SCWIHERC Exercise Registration – May 15, 2024

***Note that Sauk County will not being participating on May 15 due to a scheduling conflict.  A different date for the exercise is being determined and will be shared with Sauk County partners when available.***

Themes of this exercise include:

  • How public safety and healthcare organizations are going to gather information and assess impacts of the power outage.
  • How all partners are going to plan and conduct outreach and coordinate response in the community, with respect to prioritizing life safety and health equity for those with functional and access needs and at-risk populations.
  • How all partners are going to ensure the continuity of healthcare and public safety service delivery within their own organizations, with respect to assessing impacts, coordinating response, and planning for recovery.  These discussions should cover business operations, facility impacts, and staff and other resource management.
  • How healthcare partners are going to respond to surge resulting from the decompensation of individuals in the community as a result of the power outage and any lingering impacts of the weather.
  • How jurisdictions can request and utilize Health and Human Services EmPOWER data to inform their decision making, including a module wherein a mock EmPOWER data set will be provided, and partners can explore how to use it collaboratively to support information gathering and sharing, and response coordination.