August 3, 2018 Meeting Notes

This meeting was not recorded due to audio/visual limitations.
Meeting slides:

Notes from August 3 meeting
Hospital Meeting:
Requirements for drilling WI Trac (bed counts and MCI counts) are no longer in the grant, therefore WIHERC (formally WHEPP) has stopped requiring them and scheduling them. The consensus among the group was to keep doing them at the same intervals as we previously had.
We talked about the SCWIHERC MCI Surge full scale exercise. The exercise will be held in June 2019, exact date to be determined. This is a coalition-based exercise that focuses on how we respond to MCIs as a region, and may not cover every aspect of every facility’s surge or emergency operations plan. Hospitals are not required to participate, but participating hospitals must provide an internal controller/evaluator. The exercise will focus on medical surge and regional medical coordination from the point of secondary triage in the field through hospital placement, and will look at resource sharing and communication plans/protocols. The SCWIHERC hospital group will be involved in exercise planning at hospital meetings, but Jennifer is also looking for volunteers to be on the exercise design team.

Membership Meeting:

Jennifer introduced two new members of our Board, Aurielle Smith (UW Health) representing Trauma and Jim Acker (Watertown Fire) representing EMS.

Claudine McCarthy from the DHS Office of Preparedness and Emergency Health Care gave a presentation on the HPP grant, capabilities, and coalition workplan.  More info can be found at

Walk in items/partner updates:

The Cybersecurity TTX will be held on September 27 at Madison Turners Hall, 3001 S Stoughton Rd.

We found out we have fewer closed POD sites in our region than we thought.  We identified a need to update our closed POD plans, and a workshop/exercise to explore the new closed POD template available to public health, similar to the one recently delivered in region 7.

With the recent outbreak of coagulopathy related to synthetic cannabinoids tainted with brodifacoum, Americares is an organization that is providing no cost vitamin K tablets (the standard treatment/antidote to brodifacoum poisoning).  Please share this information with your clinicians and pharmacies.

We shared lessons learned from recent events.  Please make it a priority to respond to WI Trac alerts requesting your resources.  In two recent events, WI Trac response has been inadequate and this lack of information created uncertainty when responding to the incident.

We broke into small groups and did some strategic planning for the coalition, which will be used for future planning.

Meeting attendees:

Gail Scott, Jefferson Cty Health Dept

Donna Haugom, Jefferson Cty EM

Lynda Brereton, St Mary’s Madison

Heather Poker, St. Mary’s Madison

Paul Hable, Fort Healthcare

Ben Eithun, UW Health

Mike Stephens, UW Health

Karen Munt, Meriter

Barb Kuska, Beloit Health System

Patty Walgenbach, Waupun Memorial

Christal Foreyt, Gundersen Boscobel

Sharon Foley, Divine Savior

Angie Cohen, Grant Regional

Jon Erdmann, Divine Savior

Jeff Jelinek, Sauk Co EM

Bob Swenarski, St. Mary’s Janesville

Tracy Buchman, Stoughton Hospital

Tina Strandlie, Stoughton Hospital

Nikki Salas, Watertown Hospital

Stephanie Alami, Central WI Center

Mary Crowley, Juneau Co Health Dept

Jane Gervais, Adams Co EM

Karen Sell, Columbus Community Hospital

Casey Farnum, UW Health

Dan Michaels, PHMDC

Steve Haskell, UW Health

Claudine McCarthy, DHS OPEHC

Sharon Warden, Mile Bluff Med Ctr

Lisa Pickarts, Sauk Prairie Hospital

Jennifer Justus, Mercy Walworth

Stephanie Kuschel, NIPARC

Sam Nepple, Mercyhealth

Ashley Vickers, Mercy Walworth

Asa Rowan, Community Health Systems of Beloit

Cassidy Walsh, Sauk Co Health Dept

Dave Larson, Madison VA Hospital

Cindy Fraker, Divine Savior

Susan Lorenz, Columbia County HHS

Joe Meagher, Dodge Cty EM

Brittany Bleich, Dodge/Watertown Public Health

John Rago, Baraboo EMS

Tanna McKeon, Green Cty EM

Kathy Johnson, Columbia Cty EM

Bob Bentley, Ingleside Manor

Aurielle Smith, UW Health

Alison Chouinard, Rock Cty Health Dept

RoAnn Warden, Green County Health Dept

Jim Acker, Watertown FD

Mike Lohmeier, SCWIHERC/UW Health

Bill Ritzer, Reedsburg Area Medical Center

Carmen Luther, Reedsburg Area Medical Center

Brian Allen, Southwest Health

Patrick Monckton, Southwest Health

Casi Frie, St Clare Baraboo

Cheryl Meyer, Marquardt Mgmt

Dan Williams, SCRTAC

Elisa Stott, Beaver Dam Community Hospital

Erin Hastert, Lafayette Cty Health Dept

Janene Clark, Dells Delton EMS

Jennifer Johnson, Marquardt Village

Josh Kowalke Reedsburg Area Ambulance Service

Kelly Lapp, St. Clare Baraboo

Lyle Kratochwill, Richland Hospital

Mandy McGowan, UnityPoint at Home

Michelle Hemp, UnityPoint

Sally Blackbourn, Memorial Hospital of Lafayette Cty

Sam LaMuro, Fort Health Care

Sister Faustina, St. Elizabeth Home

Suzanne Schreiner, Adams Cty Health Dept