2016-2017 Microgrant Funding Information

7-1-17 Please note: Due to substantial budget cuts,we are unable to take new microgrant requests at this time.  Please email the SCHCC coordinator with any questions.

All microgrant requests must have a main objective of offering relevant training to partners within SCHCC.  In the spirit of coalition building, we prioritize requests that benefit partners from more than one organization or jurisdiction.​

To apply for a microgrant, please furnish the following information in your request:

1) What is the name of the course/training you would like to offer?

2) Who is the audience served in this training? (Roles? Reps from your organization? Other Jurisdictions?)

3) Where will the training be delivered? (city, organization)

4) What is the total cost, and how much are you requesting from South Central Healthcare Coalition? ​ (Instructor fees, course materials, venue etc)

Our funds expire on June 30, so if selected you would have to have deliver your program by that date.  If you are interested in applying for a microgrant, please send the information specified above to jennifer.behnke@dhs.wisconsin.gov by May 11, 2017.  ALL requests must be received by that date to ensure disbursement.

Regional Hazard Vulnerability Assessment

SCWIHERC conducts an annual regional hazard vulnerability assessment as prescribed by ASPR.  The data for this HVA must reflect all major disciplines represented by the coalition.

The 2021-2022 regional hazard vulnerability assessment is available in the SCWIHERC shared drive. Please contact Jennifer to access.